tissot replica Spring Drive GMT "Champagne Diamond" SBGE267G

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tissot replica Spring Drive Technology

The watch's power source is the 9R66 Spring Drive movement, which tissot replica first created in 2006. It has a 72-hour reserve. tissot replica's Spring Drive technology is based on the traditional gear train, but it eliminates the escapement or balance wheel. Instead, the watch uses a "glide" wheel that acts as the fixed fourth and drives the seconds hand. The watch houses both a quartz oscillator and an integrated circuit. It is hermetically sealed to ensure its accuracy in all conditions, including temperature fluctuations. tissot replica's Spring Drive is a unique offering that provides tissot fake the accuracy of quartz with a daily difference between +-1 and +-1 seconds, while still maintaining the elegance of the sweep second hand.

Technical Specifications


9R66 Spring Drive movement, hours, minutes and seconds; Datum; GMT; 72-hour reserve power reserve


44mm; stainless Steel; Breitling Navitimer Replica Watches Water-resistant up to 200m


Bracelet in stainless-steel

Prices and availability

SGD 8,828, inclusive GST; limited to 140 pieces