Beer Cellar

A proper shop for proper beers!

Come and visit our recently opened Beer Cellar! You'll find the Beer Cellar right next door to the Brewery in Unit 4 at Chatsworth Business Park on Chatsworth Road. As well as showcasing the Brampton range of beers we also have guest ales from other local Breweries as well as a handpicked selection of continental beers and a connoisseur collection of wines and whiskies. It’s not just for purists ... it’s for everyone!

As with any good trip, half the fun is getting there. And it's really no different with beer.

The team at Brampton Brewery know that the journey the beer takes from the cask to your cake-hole is a critical one, so we have several ways for you to take it home; the bottle, the bag and the box. It's our very own Holy Trinity.

You can box-up 12 x 500ml bottles for £29.00, bag up 6 bottles for £17 or take home one of our monster 20-litre polypin boxes for around £55.00.

We have a fine collection of Malt Whiskies from various Scottish Distilleries and are proud to stock a range of whiskies from The English Whisky Company. Read all about them here:

If you’re having a party then why not order a Beer In A Box? These party-sized boxes of draught beer come in three monster sizes:

We have plenty of gift ideas, from Presentation Packs of Beers to Pickles & Chutneys made with our very own Brampton ale.

Monday to Thursday

9.00am - 5.00pm


9.00am - 7.00pm


Midday - 7.00pm

If you find yourself in the New Beetwell area of Chesterfield around the market, then we are just a ten-minute walk away. Just head down past the Portland Hotel and continue down Chatsworth Road. The Beer Cellar can be found just after the Alma Inn in Chatsworth Business Park. There's plenty onsite parking available too.

You’ll find us at Chatsworth Business Park in Chesterfield!

A proper shop for proper beer drinkers!

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