Brampton Brewery Club

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The original Brampton Brewery was more than just a working, profitable brewery, it was a cornerstone of the local community. And whilst we haven’t quite got an estate of 140 pubs, or a weekly production rate of 200,000 pints,replica watches we are very much part of the local community and looking to become even more integrated with it. We want omega replica you to look upon this club as your club - to become a part of it , to help it work, and help the club, brewery and community grow stronger as a result

We’ve set the membership fee at £30 for the year.

What else could you get for £30?

A couple of DVDs, perhaps, a 10-litre tub of masonry paint from B&Q, a taxi from Boythorpe to Rotherham, long-stay parking at East Midlands Airport.

Nothing as useful as Beer, that's for sure ...

Members of the BBC get a 10% discount on draught beer & merchandise including 5 litre, 10 litre, 20 litre boxes of ale & any Brewery branded T-Shirts, Polo shirts, Hoodies, Mugs and Glasses.

  • Exclusive members-only polo shirt.
  • Quarterly free tasting evening at the brewery.
  • Branded pint pot.
  • Monthly e-mail newsletter.
  • Exclusive excursions.

The Brewery Club has the use of an original 1970’s Chesterfield Transport bus and aim to make full use of it.

Throughout the year we will run excursions to events such as local beer festivals, sporting events such as race meetings, or maybe just a crawl around some decent pubs. 

Wherever possible this transport will be provided completely free of charge

If we go a little further afield then we may have to charge a small fee to help off-set the fuel cost, though we will try and avoid this if at all possible. 

Either way the excursions will always start and end at the brewery, and refreshments in there will always be gratis.

Please feel free to contact us for more information , you can do this in a variety of ways :-

 Pop into the Brewery Shop

 Email us :-         or

 Give us a buzz on 01246 221680

We can accept payment to join the Brampton Brewery Club by Card , Cash or Cheque 


You’ll find us at Chatsworth Business Park in Chesterfield!

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