Meet the Team

Chris Radford

Managing Director and Head Brewer, Chris spent over 20 years sat on his arse looking at a PC screen before deciding that actually he did have a creative side and that he really ought to start using it before it’s too late. Husband to the beautiful Julia and father to the equally good-looking Luke and Ethan. Heroes include Michael Owen for that hat-trick in Munich in 2001, and Rodney Fern for that goal celebration at Field Mill in 1975.

John Hirst

Lifelong CAMRA member, local CAMRA stalwart and producer of a number of excellent books detailing the brewing and public house history of Chesterfield. John is married to Chris’s sister, Jenny, and has 2 great kids - Paul & Jane. Shares responsibilities in the brewery with a real job for Chesterfield Borough Council.

John Frederick

The ice-man cometh! Renowned for his award-winning ice-creams John also happens to be passionate about his real-ales and even more so about his Brampton Community. Sadly still refers to the Copper in the brewery as a “pasteuriser” (you can take the man out of the ice cream factory, but you can’t take the etc, etc)

David Hattersley

The undertaker. Brampton through-and-through David also shares a passion for quality cask-conditioned ale, and, bizarrely, sits on the board of directors of Stenhousemuir FC. Makes the pilgrimage north of the border at least twice a month during the football season and has the onerous task of persuading the sweaty’s that Golden Bud really is the drink they’ve been waiting for all these centuries.

Jon Leeming

The only foreigner in the team, Jonty hails from Stockport via Northampton. Took Brampton to his heart when he first arrived in Chesterfield 15 years ago - probably because of the large number of pubs and the short distance between them. Season-ticket holder at Edgeley Park, rarely misses a game, and is therefore the original mad hatter.

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